Why do I ski?

People ask me why I ski? Why I would go out in the snow and cold, spend serious dough , risk injury, strapping long sharp boards to my feet to slide down a snow-covered mountain?

Here are my top 10 reasons to ski:

  1. Winter is the longest season – particularly in New England, Canada, and the Rocky Mountains. A sure cure for Cabin Fever is a day on the snowy slopes. Of course, you’ll then be hooked on ski fever which is highly contagious.
  2. Most people look better in a ski suit than a swim suit. You can hide your butt in a Bogner or a stylish SKEA jacket and fun ski pants - same can’t be said for a bikini or boy trunks.
  3. Skiing takes you to new heights – literally. Chairlifts and gondolas deliver you swiftly to beautiful mountain tops – and no hiking!
  4. Unlike mountain biking, hiking and swimming, snow is very clean on contact – I am not a big fan of filthy sports that cake you in mud or mess up your hair. Skiing is even tidier than a day at the beach.
  5. Skiing is a big calorie burner! It's great physical activity, consuming up to 700 calories an hour – just check your Fitbit – it's way more fun than logging a jog on hard asphalt in my book.
  6. Skiing can be enjoyed with friends and family. You can’t play soccer with Grandma – what if you kick her in the shin by mistake? Basketball with my son is no fun – but skiing with my mom and my boy is a multi-generational good time.
  7. Skiing is a lifetime sport.  Klaus Obermeyer, Warren Miller, Penny Pitou, Stein Erickson (he passed away at 93) – all amazing ski athletes that have skied with a passion for over six decades!
  8. Skiing is a friendly sport to meet people. Name another activity that allows you to shout “Single” in the line and potentially find a match. Check out the new Snowflake app to meet your mountain ski buddy before you go – its Tinder for skiers and snowboarders!
  9. Skiing has endless possibilities for travel and discovery from small community ski hills to high Alps with untouched powder fields and heli-skiing to remote first descents.
  10. Finally, and most importantly, you can’t après ski until you have skied…